Experience the Composers Summit

Join us for a unique opportunity to learn from renowned Hollywood film & game composers.

Events during the Summit


Exclusive Masterclass, where a limited group of 12 participants actively compose a track based on a given brief.

Receive personalized feedback from accomplished Hollywood composers, refining your musical skills in an intimate & collaborative setting.

Orchestral Recording Workshop

Experience a behind-the-scenes look at proper orchestral recording in our workshop.

Work with a full-sized orchestra and learn from Conrad Pope, a Hollywood titan, and Chris Egan, an esteemed Abbey Road resident.

Secrets of Scores

Extraordinary occasion where composers provide insights of their film & game scores, offering explanations of the creative process, sharing their techniques, and revealing the inspiration.

Talk Shows

Experience our Talk Shows event, featuring Hollywood composers engaging in an insightful dialogue about their captivating work-related stories.

Headline Speakers

Jesper Kyd

Assassin's Creed

John Debney

Iron Man 2
Jungle Book

Conrad Pope

Harry Potter

Tom Howe

Ted Lasso
Shaun the Sheep

Nan Schwartz

Harry Potter
Grammy winner

Chris Egan

Spanish Princess

Maclaine Diemer

Guild Wars 2
Salt and Sacrifice

Elia Cmiral

Altas Shrugged

Christopher Young

Nightmare on Elm Street

Paul K Joyce

Bob the Builder
Snow Queen

Mychael Danna

Oscar winner
Life of Pi

Jeff Beal

House of Cards

Eunike Tanzil

Asian Persuasion
Video Creator


Secure your spot and get rewards from our valuable partners. All participants receives a license of Bitwig Studio 8-Track and discount vouchers for any purchase made at e-shop of UVI & Native Instruments.

Full Pass
599 EUR
Opening concert
All "Talk Shows"
1 active Masterclass
All Networking Events
3 passive Masterclasses
Jamm Session
Recording workshop
Listening Sessions
All "Behind the Scores"
Closing Party
Compose your future!
"Composer Summit 2023 was an unforgettable experience.
Meeting A-list Hollywood composers, spectacular concerts, workshops, and most importantly, lots of inspiring people.

All this was possible to experience in the very centre of Prague. I highly recommend the Summit not only to film music enthusiasts.
I am looking forward to see what new things next year will bring!"

Jakub Strelinger

Composer, Slovakia

"I attended the very first Composer Summit Prague and was amazed at the amount of experience and knowledge I took away from the event.

I was honestly afraid that it was a unique event, and the next years would not be
so special. Man, how wrong I was!"

Milan Koukal

Composer, Czechia

"The recording workshop at Czech Radio was a really unique event for me.

To see the titan of orchestration and recording Conrad Pope at work, to get an insight into his process, and to see him work with Chris Egan, who is also a very experienced conductor, was a really one of a kind experience."

Alexander Vakhitov

Composer, Kazachstan

"It was the first time I had experienced so many interesting encounters, and inspiring moments packed into a few days.

The energy, the emotions and the personal experiences of the speakers was all the material that I will draw from for a long time to come."

Petr Kratochvil

Composer, Czechia

"It was very beneficial for me, I appreciated the diversity of the programme, especially the orchestral recording workshop, the insight into the music of Harry Gregson Williams at the Mariott Hotel, and masterclasses.

Thanks again for this great event!"

Klara Jelenova

Composer, Czechia

"I really enjoyed the Composers Summit from a beginner's perspective.

What probably helped me the most, was the understanding, that even the world's greatest composers are just people like us."

Anna Fenesova

Composer, Czechia

"So many great composers in the same place, it’s a wonderful experience!

The amount of things you can learn here is out of this world, and getting a beer afterwards with all your new composer friends makes the day complete. Highly recommended!"

Wouter Linart

Composer, Belgium

"A unique annual event where top composers, and music industry professionals from around the world come together in a friendly atmosphere to educate others, who are on the path to creative success.

A unique opportunity for anyone who is serious about music."

Michael Zann

Composer / Multi-instrumentalist , Czechia

"The Composers Summit Prague 2023 was an enlightening rendezvous in the majestic heart of Europe.

With invaluable workshops and a grand finale concert, it was a unique platform that left me inspired and enriched. A must-attend for every music enthusiast looking to broaden their horizon."

Tomas Jochmann

Composer / Pianist, Slovakia